What Is Matched Betting And How Can You Make Money (Step By Step)

Make Guaranteed Money From Match betting in the UK… But what is matched betting?

I love match betting. I love the fact that you can gain an edge over bookmakers and generate a “part-time,” tax-free income from it, you have probably heard of it or if you have not what is matched betting?

The basic premise of matched betting is to turn free bets into real money.

Anyone over the age of 18 can do this; it’s so simple. But does matched betting work?

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And to make it even easier, we use software to make it as simple as a “click of a button.”

Right now, on OddsMonkey, the software I use to make this process so easy, there is over £648 in welcome offers we can turn into free cash profits from the bookmakers!

A question is with matched betting how much profit can you make well if you follow this £300-£1000 a month is very achievable! 

match betting blog

So what actually is match betting

However you might be asking, what happens when we have used up these “welcome offers”?

Well take a look here, we have £350 in monthly free bet clubs we take advantage of EACH and every month AND we have daily offers all of which can be found from Oddsmonkey…

daily match betting offers

For now, though, let’s concentrate on the welcome offers they are what’s known as the low hanging fruit ready for us to pick. They’re easy to complete and will take 10-15 minutes each.

Okay, so what is matched betting?

Matched betting in the UK is an easy-to-master money making system that generates a profit from free bet promotions offered by bookmakers, all without risking any of your own money. These free bets are the incentives bookmakers use to attract new customers to their sites. You might come across offers like “Bet £10 with us, and we’ll give you a £30 free bet!” Don’t worry; we will show you all of them, or you can use the software OddsMonkey to display them all.

So, how can I do match betting, and how does it work?

To keep this straightforward, all you need to focus on is that there are two types of bets:

A – Back bet

This is the bet you will always place with the bookmaker. You’re betting for something to happen, like Arsenal beating Fulham; you would place a back bet for this outcome.

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B – Lay bet

This is where we use betting exchanges like Betfair or Smarkets to bet against the outcome. So, in the example above, we would bet against Arsenal beating Fulham.

By placing both a back and a lay bet, we cancel out any risk, as all possible outcomes are covered. We place our first bet to qualify for the free bet, risking no money whatsoever, as we win regardless of the result. Then we use the free bet and convert it into real money. This is where the profit comes in. We’ll explain this process later. For now, let’s focus on the welcome offers, which are easy to complete and take only 10-15 minutes each.

What sort of profit can you make?

We aim to extract 60-80% profit from the free bets. For instance, if you receive a £30 free bet, you can make between £18 and £24 from that offer. And don’t forget, any earnings from matched betting are entirely tax-free so this is an amazing little side hustle anyone can do to get amazing tax free profits every day.

Is there any risk involved With match betting?

No, there is none whatsoever. While you might occasionally make an error with the back and lay bets, using the software oddsmonkey significantly reduces the chance of making a mistake as it does everything for you it even places the “lay” bet for you at smarkets or betfair meaning you really cant mess this up!

Follow the steps below to get started with matched betting!

Open a Smarkets Account.

I personally use Smarkets. This is where we’ll be placing our lay bets. Currently, they currently offer a 0% commission rate. Betfair charges 2% or 5% commission, but they provide monthly offers, so the choice is yours.

smarkets matched betting

Next, open a Betfred account. insert Betfred image
Always review the terms and conditions at the time.

is matched betting worth it

During sign-up, you’ll need to make a deposit. Deposit £10 to unlock the free bet of £30.

2.5. Utilize OddsMonkey For More Match betting Profits.

While this step is optional, I highly recommend it to make the process much smoother. OddsMonkey provides a one stop shop for everything match betting and for all bookmaker offers, accessible with a single click. Going forward, you can increase your matched betting earnings every month. OddsMonkey offers a free trial that gives you access to two bookies offers one of which is betfred so you can get this done easily and much more. We’ll be using the free options to complete this offer and make your first money online…

what is matched betting

In your new Betfred bookmaker account, switch the odds format from fractional to decimal.
change the odds to decimal

Next make sure you have smarkets integrated with odds monkey its a one click process this will allow you to place your bets in one step!

smarkets integration for best use match betting

Now, let’s place our £10 qualifying bet at Betfred. We need to find a sports event with odds higher than 2.0 and occurring within the next 7 days.
For instance:
image needed

So in oddsmonkey head to

your betting calculator
your betting calculator

There you need to select Betfred and Smarkets like this

free matched betting calculator
free matched betting calculator

Now apply and you will see a screen like this

what is matched betting
what is matched betting

So as I said we need to get to 100% (rating) or as near to the closer we get to 100% the less qualifying loss we will have!

Now you want to open the top one Motherwell vs Kilmarnock as its 100% meaning that we will lose £0 NO MONEY to get our free bets!!

So click on the button see here to get this bet placed 🙂

free matched betting

So it will bring up this screen like this make sure its in “normal” and the stake is set to £10.

direct link to the bookmaker

As you can see the profit is £0 that’s fine we will lose no money to claim our free bet. So you can click on the “go to Betfred” link and place your £10 bet for the draw in that game (make sure the price is the same as quoted)

Next all you have to do is click the “lay the bet” button and the “lay” bet is now placed you do not need to do anything more!

Then hit “log the bet” and its done!

That’s it, the qualifying bet is placed…now we wait

Time for the free bet!

The game has concluded. We lost at the bookmaker, but we won at Smarkets, resulting in us breaking even.

However now, we have a £30 free bet at our disposal happy days!!

Lets turn that free bet in to cold hard cash we can withdraw and use.

Placing The Free Bet.

Return to OddsMonkey, filter the bookmakers like before so betfred and smarkets, and find an offer closest to 100%. This will maximize your profits from the free bet.

Click on the suitable offer.

Important: Click on SNR this filters it top bottom and the closet to 100% SNR.

We then find a suitable game and from there and enter £30 to calculate everything.

So below as you can see we have found a game with 80% return on our free bet!

how much can you make from matched betting

We again open it up this time thou we click FREE BET SNR and we change the Betfred stake to £30 as we have our free bet.

Odds Monkey finding your best free bet

Place the back bet at the bookmaker (remember to click use FREE BET BALANCE!), and click the Smarkets button (Lay your bet here)

Remember to log the bet, and you’re done!

Congratulations! You’ve just earned £24.26. How easy was that!

So that’s one of many many more…..

Don’t forget you have the weekly bet clubs and daily bets to make this a very very nice side hustle..

Please please share this with your friends anyone who needs some extra cash it will help anyone!

So we hope this answers your question on what is matched betting and how easy someone can start earning money today!

Match Betting Uk FAQs

Is match betting Uk legal?
Yes, match betting is legal in the UK. Basically its seen advantage betting using an edge which is not considered illegal.

Do I need to be a sports expert or enthusiast to do match betting?
No, you don’t need to be a sports expert. Match betting is all about calculations and taking advantage of odds discrepancies, if you do love sport that’s a massive bonus but not needed.

Is there a risk involved in match betting?
Match betting is designed to minimize any risk, however there is a chance of human error or unexpected changes in odds that could affect your profits. That is why I use Oddsmonkey to take away any risk.

Do I need a lot of money to start match betting?
To start match betting you don’t need a huge bankroll, but enough to cover the the back and lays bets is recommended. Most people typically start with about £200-£500.

Do bookmakers have any restrictions on match betting?
Yes bookies are aware of us match betters and in the end will more than likely restrict you, there are ways to avoid this and minimise this for which I discuss on this site. This practice is known as “gubbing.”

Can You do match betting outside of the UK?
yes you can do match betting other countries but if using UK sites its best you do this using a VPN ant of the top VPNs will work fine for me I use Thor VPN.

What about my personal information is it at risk?
The top bookies will protect your personal information. Stick to well-known and trusted bookmakers and your information will be fine.


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