Supercharge Your 2ups With These Top Tips

So I love 2up’s if you don’t know what it is let me quickly explain a 2up offer is where you get paid out on the result when your team go 2 goals up even if it ends up 2-2 you still get paid the wining amount if your team won!

OK sounds great but how do you make the money well put simply when you back say Arsenal you also lay them at the exchange to cover all outcomes so you might make a small loss however……Now we hope they go 2 goals up we get paid at the bookies for the win (BOOM) now we want the opposition to come back to either win or draw meaning we have now won at the exchange as well how amazing is that! Yes this does not happen that often however there are things we can do to increase the chances.

Bet365, Paddy power, skybet offer the best odds for these results..

If you want to know more about 2ups take a look at our main article on it here.

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There are things you can do today to makesure you get these great results more often, because sometimes they are rare yes, but you can put the odds even more in your favour so lets begin…

1. Choose the best leagues when doing 2ups

So the ideal scenario for 2ups is goals right we need plenty of goals so its imperative to pick the best leagues for goals. We are looking for the leagues with the highest 4 goals or more per game.

Its pointless doing it in the Egyptian league say where they have an average of just of just 2 goals per game!

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So below are the best leagues and the average number of games that have 4 goals or more in the games….

– German Bundesliga 21.3%
– Netherlands Eredivisie 19.7%
– Scottish Premiership 17.8%
– French Ligue 1 16.1%
– Premier league 14.4%
– La Liga 10%
– English Championship 9.7%
– Serie A 7.8%

As we can see concentrate on there higher percentage leagues you will have more chance of wining those 2ups so save this…

2. Cash out when the team goes 2 goes up.

Now this is a little more advanced and something to try. So as we know when your team goes 2 up you get paid at the bookie, now we want that opposition to come back so we win at the exchange.

This method is you now cash out at the exchange when your bookmaker bets wins meaning your cash-out at the exchange will be a loss but it will be a smaller loss so you have won as your bet at the bookmaker has won and your exchange to cover all outcomes when you cashout is less,  you wont win as much as if the team come back but its all about winning small a lot more or winning big a lot less, its literally up to you how you want to play it.

3. Use these settings in Oddsmonkey and setup alerts

So when your doing 2ups makesure you use these 2up settings if you need help simply reach out to me and we can help. In your oddsmonkey account it will also have training on how to do this.

oddsmonkey 2up settings

Also another thing people don’t do is alerts, there easy to setup and means oddsmonkey will email when a 2up comes up. However the issue I have found is by the time I get the email then I login to check the prices have changed and the 2up has gone.

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oddsmonkey 2ups alerts setup

So I hope this helps!

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My goal with this site is to get you making an amazing side income from home with no risk that anyone can do! I love matched betting and if you follow what you learn here you can to!

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