So What is a Betting Exchange? And What’s The Best Betting Exchange?

So as a matched better and a sports trader the question is what is a betting exchange? Also how and why do I need to use it? The betting exchange for me is vital it allows me to “lay” my bet and get better prices and “green” out on trades, this basically means creating a free bet from trades. Betting exchanges have changed the whole landscape of matched betting trading and generally placing bets you can now take the role of bookmakers as you place your bet against another human person.

How do Betting Exchanges Work?

So basically a betting exchange is place that allows two people to bet on the same event against each other, bypassing the conventional bookmaker this means prices are better. So basically you place your bet with other betters willing to accept the opposite stance on your wager. So man united to win at say 1.50 you will bet against that thinking man united to lose and whoever wins collects, that is the basic premise of a betting exchange.

Betting exchanges in essence are a peer-to-peer exchange betting system. This as we explained before, it removes the bookmaker’s margin, so this means you can win more on your bet that at a conventional bookmaker.

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What is a Betting Exchange,best betting exchange

Benefits of Using a Betting Exchange

There are so many reasons why you need to start using a bet exchange. So as we said before one is the absence of any bookmaker margin, which means for you, you are now getting the best odds you can on that market “the real world odds”. So if you are a high player i.e. someone who bets large amounts or someone who plays with a lot at high stakes this extra margin in the long run will prove a lot of money to you.

Another great reason to start using or at least having betting exchanges in your armoury is sometimes bookmakers will not allow you to place a bet due to the size or odds so betting exchanges mean you can always have your bet placed (as long as there is enough money in the market)

Betting exchanges like betfair, smarkets, betdaq etc have a huge array of events you can place a bet on even politics.

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One of the best features of an “exchange” is the way you can green up, so say you placed a bet on Chelsea to win at 2.00 they go one nil up the price rockets down to 1.28 you can now green out for less than you would win but all the liability is taken away, meaning if Chelsea win you win, if they lose or draw you lose nothing so in essence it is now free bet!

Another great advantage of an exchange is your ability to put the money in the market where you wish. So you are looking at another goal being scored but the price is to low at the moment. So you can place your trade at the price you want and stake and the exchange will keep it in the market there until the price moves enough for it to be matched.

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Comparison of Popular Betting Exchange Sites – Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq, and Matchbook

When considering betting exchange sites, each one has different values and different offers. Right now smarkets offer 0% commission on your profits meaning you pay nothing when you win, this is of course only if your a oddsmonkey customer, get your free trial here! Betfair do great offers and free bets but charge 2%-%5 so make your choice.

Smarkets Betting Exchange

Smarkets, a leading betting exchange, is renowned for its intuitive user interface and amazing commission rates.

A highlight of the Smarkets platform is its appealing 0% commission rate if you use them with Oddsmonkey which is amazing and means a lot more profit for you in matched betting and trading.

Betfair Exchange

Betfair is the biggest of all exchanges it has the most money in the market meaning your bets will most likely always be matched. There commission is 2% standard or 5% the 5% this will get you there free bets and other rewards to its down to you really which one you choose.

The best part of Betfair is you also have the “bookmaker or sportsbook” side also so its 100% a site you need to sign up to.

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What is a Betting Exchange,best betting exchange

Choosing the Best Betting Exchange for Your Needs

Navigating the vast array of betting exchange sites to find the ideal one for you can seem overwhelming. Yet by using them and checking out the odds and how the platform operates you will find the one that best suits you.

For me I use Smarkets solely for matched betting its easier and the 0% means I always make more profit. When I’m trading I always use Betfair they have a mush easier for me layout to see prices and volume in the market, again this is personal choice.

Always use any free trials or promotions offered by betting exchange sites like Betfair, Matchbook and Betdaq. This means you can like mean see what’s what which one you like without any risk and you can make some free money checking it out.

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Conclusion – Exploring the World of Betting Exchanges

To sum up, betting exchanges have transformed sports betting with their innovative peer-to-peer system in which traders and betters are now placing bets directly against each other, meaning superior odds, and a much larger array of sport and events to place your bet or hunch on. Leading the pack, Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq, and Matchbook are the leaders in this field and with the competition like this its means competitive odds, and amazing low commission meaning unlike the bookmakers you can make a lot more money.

Selecting a betting exchange demands careful consideration of the available sports, odds, commission rates such as smarkets at 0% meaning more money, and the overall experience.

So make sure you get in and check out betting exchanges today?

Place your bets, enjoy the thrill of peer-to-peer betting with a betting exchange today!

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