Using OddsMonkey for Guaranteed Profit in Matched Betting

So when I first heard about matched betting, I was sceptical. How could I possibly make guaranteed profit from betting, even better than that how can it be tax free? Then I discovered OddsMonkey, a powerful all in one tool that has revolutionized the world of matched betting. it provides you with everything you need in the world of match betting.


What is OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey is your all in one matched betting swiss army knife software So now making money from matched betting a breeze it literally has everything and more you need to profit from the bookmakers’ free bets and promotions. it is designed for the newbie to get in and start making money from day one all the way to the experienced better using its powerful tools to profit day in and day out.

The best feature of oddsmonkey is its matching service this is where the software scans hundreds of bookmakers and bet exchanges to find you the best matched bets at any one time. Whether it be for 2 ups or to qualify for free bets or to take advantage of the free bets (maximise your profits from them) this is second to none and makes it effortless.

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How does matched betting work with OddsMonkey?

So you sign up to one of hundreds of bookmakers that offer you a welcome offer. To claim this you will most likely need to place your qualifying bet. So simply put you use the oddsmatching service to place your back bet with the bookmaker and your lay bet at the exchange. This ensures you win whatever the outcome. Now you use the oddsmatcher again to find the best bets to place for the most profit on your free bet. OddsMonkey simplifies this process by providing step-by-step guides, calculators, and support, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of their betting experience.

I have had people start making money within an hour or so with oddsmonkey its really that easy.

Benefits of using OddsMonkey

There are several benefits to using OddsMonkey for matched betting:

  1. The training with oddsmonkey is second to none its has hundreds of videos, tutorials and so much more so your never left in the dark and you have there dedicated support also on hand to to help you if and when you need.
  2. Oddsmatching software: The oddsmatching software scans hundreds of bookmakers and betting exchanges to find the best odds for any given event it scans thousands at any one time meaning you can profit faster and easier than ever.
  3. Calculator: The OddsMonkey calculator is quite simply vital for any matched better. It means you can now know exactly the amount to lay or back in order to make sure you profit. When your working with decimals and money it can become complicated.
  4. Community support: OddsMonkey forum is well amazing. So you have an offer they will have a thread to talk about it and you can ask questions in it. They have daily threads for daily offers and the best offers so you are never left out of the loop. It is the place to be if you want to make money with oddsmonkey!
  5. Daily Offer Calendar: Every second of every day oddsmonkey is scanning all the bookmakers for any new deals such as free bets, value bets etc I have mine open everyday meaning I simply login and see what money is available for me to collect it really is that simple!

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OddsMonkey review: Pros and cons

Before committing to any software , it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Here is my pros and cons and review of OddsMonkey:

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  • User-friendly platform: Oddsmonkey caters for pros and beginners and everyone in between. The interface is easy to use and navigate.
  • Comprehensive training materials: OddsMonkey has a huge array of training material and videos to help you get started. It cover everything from placing a bet to finding the best offers and how to use them.
  • Oddsmatching software: The oddsmatching software is one of the standout features of OddsMonkey. It scans hundreds of bookmakers and betting exchanges to find the best odds for every event, saving you time and maximizing your profit potential.
  • Calculator: The OddsMonkey calculator is quite simply put a vital tool for any matched better it allows you to enter in the back and lay price and the stake and it will then tell you exactly the amount to lay and give you the profit you will get.


  • Monthly subscription fee: While OddsMonkey offers a free trial, the full range of features is only available to paid subscribers. Some people yes would rather it be free or a one time price so this may deter some of you. However something like this that needs constant work and updating I think its vital it stays monthly.
  • Learning curve: Matched betting can be complex, especially for beginners. While OddsMonkey provides comprehensive training like anything there is still a leaning curve and there is no one to one training so you are somewhat on your own to pick it up, however compared to EVERY other side-line business or online business this is by far the easiest to pickup.

How to use the OddsMonkey calculator

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The OddsMonkey calculator is an essential tool for matched betting and making sure you make that amazing profit we all hear about. You can find a step by step guide inside oddsmonkey but I’ve laid out my step-step guide here to help you.

  1. Find a suitable bet: Use the oddsmatching service to find a back and lay bet that is what you need.
  2. Enter the details: Enter the back odds, lay odds, and the stake of your back bet into the calculator.
  3. Calculate the lay stake: The calculator will automatically calculate the stake you need to place on the lay bet to ensure a guaranteed profit, taking into account the commission rates.
  4. Place your bets: Follow the instructions provided by the calculator and place your back and lay bets accordingly.
  5. Track your profits: Keep a record of your bets and track your profits using the OddsMonkey profit tracker. This will help you stay organized and monitor your progress and profits going forward.

OddsMonkey vs. Outplayed: A comparison

So if you didn’t know by know there is another player on the scene that’s outplayed. So who are they and what’s the difference between then and oddsmonkey?


  • Comprehensive training materials
  • Oddsmatching software
  • Calculator
  • Amazing community forum
  • Monthly subscription fee


  • User-friendly platform
  • Oddsmatching service (like oddsmonkey)
  • Matched Betting Calculator
  • Limited training materials
  • One-time payment

So both are pretty much the same, for me I prefer the layout of oddsmonkey. Outplayed is a one time fee, so this might be of use to people on a tight budget. The training with oddsmonkey is much better, so for me its sometimes personal choice like are you a Apple or Samsung person person?

Is there a free trial for OddsMonkey?

Yes, OddsMonkey offers a free trial for new users. This allows you to place two bets with two bookmakers I believe as of writing this its bet365 and betfred, this means you can be in profit without spending a penny! You do get access to some other features this will allow you to have a look around and see what’s what. Of course the full package and list of options are for the paid members.

Tips for maximizing profits with OddsMonkey

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Here are some tips to help you maximize your profits with OddsMonkey:

  1. Use reload offers everyday: Reload offers are amazing this is basically oddmonkey everyday scanning the bookmakers for daily offers, so it might be a free bet or a value bet. Then use the oddsmatching service and calculator to extract the most amount of profit from these you can!
  2. Stay organized: Makesure you use the oddsmonkey profit tracker for every bet whether it be inside the software or say a 2up this is vital so you can track your progress. And using this service is so easy.
  3. Get involved with the community forum: The OddsMonkey forum is a valuable resource for tips, advice, and support. Connect with other matched bettors, learn from them ask questions build your knowledge and more profits will come.
  4. Keep learning: Matched betting is constantly evolving from bookmakers changin there policies all the way to a new type of promotion. Its vital you stay on top of this, use oddsmonkey to keep in touch and continue to make profits for many years to come.

Conclusion: Achieve guaranteed profit with OddsMonkey

In conclusion, OddsMonkey is a powerful tool that can help you achieve guaranteed tax free profits in matched betting. With all the amazing tools, training, forum and support OddsMonkey for me makes matched betting easy.

Sign up for the free trial today and start your journey towards guaranteed profit with OddsMonkey!

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