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So I want to let you in an show you how to get started on my favourite sports trade using Betfair (you can use other bookies) this one is very easy to spot and use and is a great starter trade to get you going in sports trading and is the next step after match betting so fits in very well.

You can do a lot of the “pre setup” the night before or in the morning before all the action takes place and then its a simple case of waiting for the game to play out and if it does hit the “spot” its very easy to get in.

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Oh and did mention this trading method is set and forgot you can literally place it and walk away!

So lets get going we will be trading the over 0.5 goal market we will be placing the trade in the second half if our selection gets to that point.

We do have a few rules to follow.

So firstly we are after top vs whipping boys so man city vs Forrest that type of game or two teams who love to score goals, just take a look at this list of my selections as you can see you can check to see for yourself. many of them at the time of writing where top vs bottom.

match betting blog

This means games where there is a clear favourite these are the ones I love and if they score lots of goals even better!

So we use this with flashscore its free and we simply go through the night before the relevant leagues so all top European leaguers and down the lower leagues in them are best.

Here is a list of the leagues I go for

All UK and all lower leagues

French Ligue un

Italy seria A

Spanish la Liga

match betting blog

Bundesliga and div 1 (German)

Australian 1,2,3


Swedish first Div.

Most of Europe’s top leagues.

There many more but again to many to list here. However I stay away from ALL south American football, much of women football. Russia is also a no no use your own sense here if you think a league could be compromised STAY AWAY.

So your flashscore should like like this with all your games for the day chosen there will be some that do popup but your majority want to be looked at before.

Then just save the fixture so you have a nice list of games ready. Take a look at mine for a Saturday there are more but I couldn’t fit them all in.

flashscore for trading

0-0 At halftime now we get interested!

So its now half time and the game has gotten to 0-0 in one of your selections now what……We DO not simply trade it we have double check the stats and the history to increase our strike rate.

First thing first we will be looking at bet365 for there in play stats on a game are the best in the business so we will use to check a few things are going to form.

We want to see the strong team is dominant in possession so anything over 55/45 in the strong teams favour is good. Dangerous attacks if you can have 1 per minute that is very good stat and shows looks of attacking play. Of course then shots the more on targets or off target shots shows INTENT.

So the game is going to plan we can see the strong team is dominant so our prediction the strong team will score looks good.

bet365 stats

INTENT is so important

Why is intent so important? Simply put its the main reason a team goes all out to score. If two teams just need a draw and nothing else do you think there intentions are to score? If the team have to win to catch the leaders or a team has to win do you think there will be a good chance of a goal?

Now we want to make sure there is intent so that could be league place – champions league place. You will soon pick this up but its vital.

Previous form 

Next we want to head back to flashscore we want to see previous form..

previous form

So what are we looking for?

We want to check the top scorers are playing both teams which is easy to find see below 

Then we check the line-ups and if there playing you know there is a better chance of a goal think of it like if Haaland wasn’t playing for Man city the likelihood of a goal would be far less than if he was.

top goal scorers

Now we check recent results making sure there have been no 0-0s recently we can do this by clicking here (h2H) we want to see games with lots of goals.

You would also check the over and under’s you can see how many goalless games there have been and the average goals per game. The higher on both these the better. The better either team are at scoring or conceding is what we want to see. 

over unders

We want to check the 0.5 section of this part as below and we want as few of them as possible.

As  we see below you can see these teams don’t like goals we would tread carefully so that is the flip side.

bad over under

We want to strong team to be scoring lots of goals the weaker team to have conceded lots of goals usually in the last five as that’s the most recent form.

So it all looks good so now we want to wait see how the SH starts and there form continues lots of possession lots of chances things are looking good.

Now the SH continues like the FH the strong team looking good for a goal we now need to wait or get the right price. I normally wait for anything over 1.33 in price and then we go from there. Remember the later we wait the better the price however the less chance of a goal

This price allows me to have one loser out of four and still make money!

Now this is just the tip of the article I will be doing more training on our YouTube channel on form picking games, price etc to make sure you get a even better SR the higher the strike rate the more money you will make!

However you can get started just on these!

If you want to me help you more and get you going at no extra cost please drop me a mail personally to

Check out this article on how to use “make your stats” and turn 60-70% strike rate trading on any market into 85% plus! This website will turn everything around AND I will give you my personal settings where it will ping you every time the market is matched! 



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