What Are The Top Matched Betting Mistakes

As we know matched betting is quite simply an amazing way to earn a second income from home and it is so easy to get started I even wrote a book all about it which you can find to the side here or click here its totally free. It will show you how to get started TODAY and start earning money. No other online business will give you the chance to make money straight off with no website and no upfront costs! However what are the top matched betting mistakes us MBs make? How can we avoid them….

Matched betting is with little to no risk the more advanced you go yes you have things like value betting where you will lose but in the long run you will win, but initially there is NO RISK for you.

Even if your a seasoned pro this article may help you and even jog your memory to remember to avoid those willy little mistakes as they are common and as much as this is risk, free humans can make errors.

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Using the wrong calculator settings

Matched betting is always about the maths and making sure prices match. So always use a calculator it is your path to profit simple as that.

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Luckily oddsmoney have a calculator and do all the maths for you i mean all of it.

However some mistakes people make are by not selecting the right bet like “normal, free bet SNR and free bet SR

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So lets look at them now.

Normal will be for any qualifying bets these are bets that trigger your free bets, you want to use this and makesure the qualifying loss is as small as possible the smaller this is the more profit you make in the long run.

Free bet stake not returned is what bookies will give you your free bet in. Basically means you get a free bet minus the free bet stake.

This is a rather simple one however if you don’t check it can really eat away at your profits.

Not Placing The Back Bet First

Now matched betting rule 101 always place the back bet first. The back bet is the bet you place at the bookmaker.

It might be easier, but in the long run it really wont be. Matched betting always works off the price given by the bookie first. If the price changes at the bookie its a lot easier to adjust at the exchange and decide if its worth placing the bet or finding something else.

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Not Checking The Exchange Liability

When your a full time matched better bets will be here there and everywhere sometimes I know I have, we forgot to check the liability at the exchange i.e. how much money is in the market for the price you need. This is the top matched betting mistakes that I make.

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Now if we need to lay £30 off at 5.1 but there is only £5 at that price we place the bet, we move on and not check. Now the price has moved against us i.e our price is not taken and our money is not matched and the new price is going further away. Worst still we have not checked so we still think we are fully matched but we are not.

This means if the result goes against us at the exchange we have lost at the bookies and NOT won at the exchange!

The Top Matched Betting Mistakes – Unmatched bets

Again this is a lot like the above we are doing horses and we know the price before start time can move so fast so we place our back bet go to the exchange and place the bet however now the price has moved but we have not seen this and its not been matched!

So to stop this try not to in any market start placing bets 15 minutes before they start as 15 mins before any start of an event is when the price moves its fastest.

Some people leave the money in at there price hoping it will come back again this is gambling and we are not gamblers!

If the price does move its always better to take smaller win or high qualifying loss then to hope the price come back to what you want.

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Not Keeping Records

Now I hate keeping records its why i have a bookkeeper! The same in matched betting we just want the money right!


Its so important to keep records which is why oddsmonkey is brilliant at keeping records at the click of a button and shows all your profit and loss!

You simply use there matcher or calculator and with one button it can save the result the price and profit or loss. Whilst this is not a matched betting mistakes it is something you need to incorporate into it to track your results and in the long run this will make you more profitable.

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Giving Up

Now whilst match betting is the easiest and in my opinion the best way to make money online period. Some people want the magic get rich quick bullet, the overnight millionaire.

Now this is not going to make you a millionaire overnight it will provide an awesome income for you thou that can provide over a long time for many years to come.

It does require daily commitment to see that profit grow and grow and grow.

So go fourth and makesure matched betting gives you everything you want and avoid these matched betting mistakes

Don’t forget to get my book its free and contains loads more amazing tricks and tips to help you.

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