Matched Betting and Mortgages What’s Is the Effect?

Matched Betting and Mortgages

So I get asked this a lot hey “I love matched betting but will it effect my mortgage application in the future?” As a lot of people now use matched betting, as its a great way to earn extra income, lets look at the effects of applying for one and what is it effects your credit score and what you can do to mitigate this.


First off for any newbie out there what exactly is matched betting? Basically it allows you to profit from bookmaker offers… TAX FREE or the value they CAN give you. It’s not gambling in the traditional sense. It’s all about using mathematics to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome so you win, crazy right!

What are my matched betting profits classed as?

So matched betting and the profits are 100% tax free. But before i go on they only become tax free if its not your main source of income so say you have a job then yes this is now tax free 🙂 (matched betting is your secondary income)

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Now when your applying for a mortgage these profits however cant be classed as income thou. Your suitability will come from your salary or a regular wage or income from a business.

Unfortunately a lender will look at matched betting as gambling and wont be interested in it at all. In fact this could be seen as high risk as you are seen as someone willing to risk and bet on your income.

This is why we do suggest a separate bank account so the mortgage lender when they ask for your bank statements wont see this going forward.

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Matched Betting and Mortgages

Now, let’s address the big question: can matched betting affect your ability to secure a mortgage? The short answer is yes, it can. Mortgage lenders scrutinize your financial history, including your bank statements. Large and frequent transactions related to gambling could raise red flags.

Strategies to minimize impact

As we said a really good way is to keep your matched betting in a separate bank account, I have always done this and had no issues in the past so you should be totally fine.

When the bank ask for statements you simply give them your normal statements where they can see your regular income with no “bet 365” payments in or out.

A separate bank account also keeps everything a lot cleaner and allows you to keep track of your funds a lot easier.

Anything else?

Some people really don’t want a separate bank account that’s fine, what you could do, is this again is not ideal is just never do a any deposits or withdraws, simply try and keep the cash between your bookies and the exchange only withdrawing or depositing very rarely.

Or you cold simply take a break from it and return once you have been approved for a mortgage, remember Match betting you can simply dip in and out that’s one of the beauty’s of it.

Matched betting and my credit limit

Something I hear about a lot is will this effect my credit ratings as these bookies ask for all my details .

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Let me first off tell you now this will not effect our credit rating at all.

Yes they ask you for all these details that is because its law not because there going to tell the credit company that Joe blog’s likes to gamble.

When they are asking for these details they do something called a soft check this basically to confirm who you are and that you say you are. Also bookmakers have strict money laundering rules to adhere to so they must check these too.

So what if I do this full time?

Arh so your full time in trading or Matched betting so now what. Things are a little more trickier here as your earnings can fluctuate from month to month. Now matched betting, poker are a little more accepted forms of gambling when you are applying.

The key here is long term profits so you would of course I suspect have to prove your income over a longer period however it should be ok. You might find yourself paying a higher rate of interest but again this it up to you.


In conclusion, matched betting can be a lucrative side hustle, but it’s essential to understand its potential impact on your financial future, especially when it comes to major commitments like mortgages. By approaching it responsibly and with careful planning, you can enjoy the benefits of matched betting without jeopardizing your long-term goals.


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