How To Massively Profit From Extra Place Offers

So your fully involved into matched betting you can see the power, but you keep hearing of extra places or you haven’t what the hell is it and how can I start using it? So what is it and how can you make use of it and what it offers to your profit.

What Are Extra Place Offers in Horse Racing?

So extra places are an offer bookmakers will use to entice you to place more bets or each way bets. So an each way bet is where the bookmaker will pay if your horse wins and if it finishes within the top 2 or three places. So extra place offers are where bookmakers are giving you a extra places so instead of 2 or 3 it could be 4,5,6 dependant on how many horses are in the race,  so this means you get so much more more chance of winning.

How Do Extra Place Offers Work?

Basically when bookmakers offer extra places they are giving you and extra chance of wining above the usual 2 or 3 places which you normally get on each way bets. For instance, in a race that traditionally rewards the first two to three finishers, a bookmaker might present an extra place offer that pays out on the first four places or five or even six on the big races where there are many runners. This means you get a lot more chance of winning this is where as a matched betting your value or edge appears with this type of offer.

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So to make money from these offers you would simply find the races the bookmakers are offering extra places on and place your each way bet. Should your horse win the race you’ll earn a payout for both the win and place parts of your bet. If your horse places i.e. does not win the race but finishes in the places you win the place part of the bet, so as you can see this is an amazing way to get more chances of getting your money back and wining the races (the big profit)

Benefits of Extra Place Offers for Horse Racing Bettors

Well to start with extra places give you the huge opportunity of wining more when placing bets on horse racing. Essentially you are given a extra chance at securing a win or place. Extra places become even more essential in the larger races where there are plenty of runners.

Extra place offers act as a safeguard for your bets. If you’re backing a horse that has a strong likelihood of finishing in the extra places so 1-3 maybe 4 or 5 dependant on the offer but might not win, an each-way bet with an extra place offer basically gives you extra protection for your bet. Even if your horse does not win, you will still get a payout if your horse finishes within the extra places, so with that in mind the more extra places in a race the better.

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Examples of Successful Extra Place Offers in Horse Racing

So examples of when extra places are worth while is on big events so like Cheltenham or the grand national meetings. So skybet lets say would offer 6 placers instead of three on some of the big races. This means you can still get a payout if your horses finishes in the top six, this allows you to places more bets on that race to go for the win and also if the horses places you still get paid!

This one race meeting means you have the chance to effect that ‘extra places’ offers and create much higher chance of a profit. Even better is even in the week bookmakers offer extra places yes it maybe one or two but as matched betters we are looking for the “edge” so even one extra place in a race and if the odds are good we over the long run will win more than we lose this is key.

Tips for Maximizing Your Profits with Extra Place Offers

To fully leverage ‘extra places’ offers and optimize your betting profits, heed these strategic tips:

We use extra place races then we check if there is value in that race, we do this by checking the odds at the bookmaker against the odds at the betting exchange (betfair) are tight or are of value because we are now getting that extra chance of a payout. We then look at the place odds on betfair here

betfair win odds

Then we quickly check if that horse has value based on the extra place if it has we place an each way bet. Now I use software to make this easier however you will just pick it up by eye.

betfair place odds

Closer the wining odds and lower the place odds the better the more value in that horse.

In the long run you will always win.

Now its vital to use and have a list of bookmakers that do extra place races right.

For me skybet do the most some days it can be all the race meetings! But the big bookmakers normally do not to that scale. But don’t leave out the smaller ones there is value to be had with them to!

I have complied a list here for you to get started 🙂

Grosvenor Sports
Betfair Sportsbook
Sites that offer ‘Hidden Value’, in other words they don’t publish their EPs or their prices are calculated at a better rate, i.e. 1/4 rather than 1/5.10bet
Ken Howells
Partycasino sports
Partypoker Sports
Geoff Banks
CopybetBetgoodwin (same group/software as below, sign up to and use one only at a time):
Yeeehaa bet
AK Bets
Joe Jennings
Highbet (Same group as the below, do not use all at once. Use races with 1/4 and 4 places).
Mr Mega

Odds monkey Extra place matcher

So another method is to use is the extra place matcher within oddsmonkey. Now I don’t use this method as odds change so fast however here it is and a quick run down of what it is and how it works.extra place matcher

So in essence you are placing your each way bet at the bookmaker and laying the win and place at the betting exchange meaning you will only lose the qualifying loss if the horse does not win or place. Its a simple case of entering the values you can click the links as they go directly to the bookie and betting exchange.

What you want is your horse to win if it does your in profit again please take the long term approach with this.

Also try to place as close to race off as possible for the best prices and the lowest qualifying loss.

This is a very easy method odds monkey offer a huge amount of support also for this don’t forget if you don’t have an oddsmonkey account yet get yours free here.

extra place offers

Bank roll for this is vital if your doing the each way matcher found inside oddsmonkey even more so.

Makesure you only use 5% per race on a single horse of your bank less if your laying via oddsmonkey. remember we are looking long term at this.

Identifying Races with Extra Place Offers Today

Bookmaker Websites

Bookmakers usually make it very easy to tell you what races are extra places, some however like Betway make it a little more difficult as you can see here sky bet make it very simple.

skybet extra places

betway extra places


Social Media

For real-time updates, including William Hill extra places today, follow bookmakers on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, where they often broadcast extra place offers and other enticing promotions.

Non-Runner Deductions In instances where there’s a non-runner, be aware that some bookmakers might alter the number of payout places available. It’s essential to understand how such deductions could influence the extra places offer and tailor your betting approach accordingly.

Using BOG alongside extra places for even more profit

Another great method is to use BOG along with Extra places so a great site for this is Williamhill so normally after 9am that when they offer the BOG. So if you use extra places and your horse wins AND the prices increases William hill will pay you the better price so its like double bubble. There are a few bookmakers who do this so again please check with the different bookies.

Strategies for Placing Bets on Extra Place Offers

So if your looking to boost your profits or have a better chance of winning or placing.

Each-Way Dutching

Dutching is a betting tactic that entails placing several wagers on various horses to guarantee a profit, regardless of the race’s result. When capitalizing on extra places offers, you can employ the each-way arbing strategy to bet on multiple contenders that stand a strong chance of landing within the extra places. Again oddsmonkey has the tool and the full explanation of this so go here to take a look.

Weighted Betting

Evaluate the probability of each horse securing a spot within the extra places and assign a weight to their odds. Utilize this analysis to distribute your bets strategically, concentrating more of your stake on horses with a more favourable chance of clinching a win.

Accumulator Bets

Why not use accumulator bets on races that feature extra places offers. An accumulator bet involves selecting various horses to win or place across different events. Using this approach could weald huge wins for you.

Hedging Bets

If you’re particularly confident about a horse’s prospects, consider hedging your bets: place an each-way bet on your favoured horse and simultaneously wager on other horses to finish within the extra places. This provides a safeguard while preserving the potential for profit should your horse you believed would win does.

So, why delay? Start using extra places today remember to use oddsmonkey to make it easier if you want to find out more remember to drop me an email and I look forward to hearing about yur amazing success with this.

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