Blackjack Strategy Calculator and Cheat Sheet

How to use the online blackjack strategy calculator?

So I use this blackjack calculator this allows anyone to almost give you the edge playing blackjack online.

I use blackjack a lot of times to fulfil offers to claim rewards and so on.

A lot of people think blackjack is 50/50 its not, why not? Simply put the dealer will only show you one of there cards before you decide to hit or stand, meaning that they might bust but you wouldn’t know this until you either bust or stick this is the houses edge.

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This can be overcome using a strategy I have perfected a blackjack strategy using the the sheet below. I will explain more however first off how do you play blackjack and what are the rules?

Firstly set the rules of your Blackjack game:

So in each live or computer game version of the  Blackjack game, it will tell you whether Surrender is allowed, and whether a Dealer stands or hits on Soft 17, meaning if they have 17 do they stand or not.

This means say they have 17 and you have 18 you win they cant hit again.

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If you can’t find the rules then assume Surrenders are NOT allowed and the Dealer will STAND on Soft 17.

What do the different moves mean?

Hit – When you hit, you are asking for another card so say you have 5 and the dealers first card is 10 you would defiantly hit again.

Stand – By standing you will receive no further cards and you’re done with the hand. Again use the image below to tell you whether to hit or stand.

Split – We never split so if offered it please don’t take it.

Double – Again this is something we don’t use so when you see this please ignore.

Bust – this is when you have dealt more than 21 so you bust and whatever the dealer has they win even thou they might bust..

Insurance – If the dealer ever get an Ace you will be offered insurance always ignore this and decline this.

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Why use the blackjack strategy calculator?

If you want to beat the dealer and the edge the casino has on you you must use the blackjack pdf cheat sheet. It will give you that slight edge you can use to makesure in the long run you will profit.

The house has an edge as stated before its the fact you cant see if the dealer will bust until you stick or bust and if you bust you lose whether the dealer busts or not. Our strategy calculator sheet will help with this. We have used mathematical probabilities to work out the best moves to make. Our blackjack calculator will calculate the best possible option for winning, by telling you what your next move should be, so for instance if the dealer has a 6 and you have 13 we will tell you to stick, a lot of people fund this tough but in the long run the dealer will bust meaning you will win.

Using this blackjack cheat sheet will also take away errors. The idea is to ensure you stick to the plan some people say they get a feeling etc forgot that use this cheat sheet.

Here is our blackjack cheat sheet for when using this blackjack strategy calculator

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So as you can see you have dealer up-card at the top and down the left hand-side is the total amount you have from your two cards.

Lets say you where dealt a 12, a 10 and a 2 and the dealer has been dealt a 9 using the sheet it would direct us to an H which means we would hit again.

Its that easy to follow and to keep the edge in your favour.

You might also see “soft total” this again is pretty easy, it means you get an ace and a card so simply hit of stand simple as that!

This means you now have the edge over the dealer and in the long run will win.

What else can you use this blackjack system for

I use this all the time to keep my accounts safe, we know bookmakers love us to start using there casino so what better way then to play blackjack and win at it!

Dong forget the bookies just love to see you gambling on there casino for them that is jackpot!

Use this in your arsenal today to not only make money but to keep your accounts safe.

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