7 Ways To Avoid Being Gubbed When Matched Betting

If you’re engaged in matched betting and enjoying the profits, you’re well aware of the crucial role your bookmaker accounts play. The greater number of accounts you manage, the more potential profit you can secure—it’s that straightforward. However, an unfortunate reality of matched betting is that bookmakers may either close your accounts or impose limitations, a process known as gubbing. So, what strategies can we employ to protect our accounts from being gubbed and ensure their longevity meaning more matched betting profit for you?

What is gubbing and how can we stop our account being gubbed?

Gubbing is often a term used to mean your account is restricted. So you might find
– You can only bet a tiny amount on each bet
– No longer be offered or access to the offers
– Worst case is normally the closure of your account.

Below I have listed how we can keep our bookmaker accounts safe and what the top mistakes are to get yourself gubbed.

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Unfortunately matched betting is all about the fine line between keeping your accounts safe and taking value.

4 top mistakes Matched betters make and get gubbed.

1. Just use the account to take Matched bets, so if you just use an account for there “bet £10 get £5 free bet” and nothing more you will soon be seen as a value taker and you will be gubbed, either by taking away offers or stake restricting you.

2. Another quick fire way to get you gubbed is betting on obscure markets. Betting on the big game or the big leagues is totally fine. However betting on the Bulgarian 3rd division will make you stand out as someone trying to take value from the bookmaker. So try to avoid these types of games.

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3. Betting Arbitrage. This is a sure fire method to get you gubbed and to lose your account. Basically the bookmakers price is not correct meaning its less than the exchange so you will make a small profit. However over the long term profits will be small unless you bet big and will not be good for the long term health of your bookmaker account.

4. Taking every offer. Another way to make you stand out is if you take out every offer it might be wise and in your favour to keep away from some offers taking every one will flag your account.

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Top 7 methods to keep your bookmakers accounts safe

So how can we stop you getting gubbed? I have listed below 7 things you can do today to keep those accounts safe and keep them going for longer.

1. Makesure you don’t blitz the account straight away. I often see people say they have opened an account and been gubbed a week later. Only to find out they put in £200 and went for it. You need to allow the account to mature. I recommend £50 to start do a couple of “mug” bets more below on them. Then add another £50 let the account grow naturally make yourself look like a normal punter.

2. Use “Mug” bets. Now I use and do these 1-2 times a week on each account these are bets where there is no value even a tiny loss (makesure there matched at smarkets using oddsmonkey) you can do single bets or accumulators.

3. Try to keep your bets and events the same. When your doing mug bets or generally Matched betting try to keep to the same sport or even better the same team. So your an arsenal fan make sure all your mug bets are placed on Arsenal games. This will make you stand out as a bit of a mug punter who “fancies” a bet on his favourite team

4. Casino…So every bookmaker has one, so I try to once a week play a few slots to stake £5-10. Its widely known that bookmakers love people who transfer from sports book to casino its where they make most profit.

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5. Bet more than the stated amount. If an offer says Bet £5 get a £5 free bet, instead of just betting £5, bet £10 or more you will still get the £5 free bet but it makes you look like your not betting just to take there free bet.

6. Deposit more for the opening balance. Now if the opening offer states “deposit £10 to get £30 free bets”. Deposit £20 or £50 this will show you as someone who is not here just to take the opening offer but your a normal punter.

7. Give Your Accounts a break. If your matched betting and taking value i.e. each way or value in the price it might be worth taking a break or a day off each week and not Match bet every day. I give each account 2-3 days off a week. I also place my bets first thing and last thing making me look like a normal punter.

So there you have it a few way to keep your account safe.

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